• 7: Mannerheim with Dr. Jonathan Clements

    Jonathan Clements was formerly a Visiting Professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. He is a historian specialising in the Far East, whose recent books include The Emperor’s Feast: A History of China in Twelve Meals; Christ’s Samurai: The True Story of the Shimabara Rebellion, and Japan at War in the Pacific. British-born, he is now […]

  • 6: Discussing Contemporary Russia, and How It Got Here with Sean Guillory, Ph.D.

    After a bit of a hiatus, I bring you a wonderful conversation I had back in April with Sean Guillory, Ph.D., host of the SRB Podcast. We covered various topics about Russia which include a history of US-Russia relations, Russian/Soviet history, what the West gets wrong about Russia, and where contemporary Russia finds itself today. […]

  • 5: Russian History with Award-Winning Historian, Douglas Smith

    Today I speak with Douglas Smith, An award-winning historian and translator. He is the author of six books on Russia which include “Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy”, a bestseller in the UK, and winner of the inaugural Pushkin House Russian Book Prize in 2013, “Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of […]

  • 4: Politics with Congressional Candidate Alex Hubbard

    Alex Hubbard is a Congressional candidate for New York’s 9th district in Brooklyn. He has a Master’s degree in political science from LIU Brooklyn, where he graduated top of his class. He’s the founder of a software application called Tally, which aims to improve transparency in politics; and has worked as a data scientist in […]

  • 3: Math with Ben Orlin

    Today I speak with Ben Orlin. A mathematician, as well as mathematics teacher based out of Minnesota, Ben Orlin is the author of “Math with Bad Drawings”, and “Change is the Only Constant”. These works focus on reintroducing Math in a way that’s positive, inviting, and genuinely interesting, and show how it applies in everyday […]

  • 2: Whiskey with Whiskey Stories’ Rachna Hukmani

    Today I speak with Rachna Hukmani of Whiskey Stories. Rachna Hukmani, has been working with whisk(e)y & designing new whiskies for more than a decade, has helped build whiskies like The Macallan Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus, Noble Oak Bourbon and more (liquid & concept creation). Rachna also recently launched first of its kind whiskey […]

  • 1: Procrastination with Petr Ludwig

    Petr is the founder and CEO of the company, which applies the latest scientific findings in neuroscience and behavioral economics to help individuals and companies in their growth. His core fields of interest are purpose at work, value-based leadership, and critical thinking. The motto of his life is: “A person who goes with the […]

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